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A Grey's Anatomy Rating Community

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October 25th, 2010

Hi guys,

sorry for not taking care of this community, I'm just too busy with my new school. So from now on the lovely sweetthumbelina is going to moderate this community. Oh and don't forget to vote on the unstamped applications they've been waiting for a very long time. Bye guys!


May 22nd, 2010

Men don't buy tampons!Collapse )

[mood| giddy]
[music| Bitch-Meredith Brooks ]

May 17th, 2010

Men don't buy tampons!Collapse )
Men don't buy tampons!Collapse )

Actors Theme

Esmeralda "purple"
Here's our new theme: ACTORS. The application is pretty much the same as the one from the actress theme. Have fun guys!

Application, stamps and bios are under here..Collapse )
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