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A Grey's Anatomy Rating Community

I believe we survive

I believe we survive

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Shura fantasia

PLEASE PROVIDE THE LINKS OF ALL THE UNSTAMPED APPLICATIONS YOU HAVE VOTED ON: http://community.livejournal.com/ga_rating/75613.html?view=385373#t385373

Name: Penka
Age: 30
Gender: F
5 positive adjectives to describe you:just, loyal, stubborn, open minded, strong-minded
5 negative adjectives to describe you: stubborn, mistrustful, protective, cruel (when someone really provokes me)
Likes:like/love anime and manga, Japane /culture and language/, everything about knights and samurai. I am a fan of Star wars, Star trek, Lord of the rings, Queen, asian music and heavy metal. I love also astronomy, astrology, archaeology, magic, spirits, and some sports /soccer, volleyball, martial arts - taekwon-do/. and to read and/or watch TV/movies /when I have time/.
Dislikes:I don't like stupidity, ignorance, being humiliated, drivellers, lies and liars
Fears: To loose someone that I care about.
Goals for the future: To be successful in everything that I do.
Your view on love/relationships? About love- for me is stupid but necessary thing and not beutiful all the time. About relationships -what kind, love one? They are difficult and are only for people in them. Or about relationships in generally- they are difficult as well.
How do you approach adversity (eg: if things don’t go according to plan)?: I stand up and start searching the new way to solve problems.
Would you rather be stamped as a male or a female? Or does it not matter to you?: no matter

Love or hate (which do you find you do more of)? Love.
'By the books' type of person or a rebel? Mix of both.
Brave or safe? Brave, but I know whre to be more safe then brave.
Pacifest or tempermental? I'm tmperamental pacifist.
Quiet or outspoken?In the middle- I know when to be one and when the other
Leader or follower? Leader, but I can be follower (till I learn things).... but after all I lead only myself...I;m not good in following someone in a full word, blindly (if I must follow someone- I'll follow by my one rules).
Optimist or pessimist? Realist, because I'm in the middle.
Dreams or reality? Reality

What character on Grey's can you see being your best friend and why?: I dont know. My be George or Tores. I think we would get along well.
What character on Grey's would you consider going on a date with and why?: There is no one. On your work is better not to going on a date.
What pairing on Grey's do you like the best?: Actually makes me interesting Cristina's pairing.
What was your favorite Grey's scene/episode and why? I don't know. The last scene that make me impression was about a little boy who bleeding and after the operation become clear that he wouldn't survive, because of missing some surgical instrument. And Derek, Sloan and Baily (I think) pay and hospital bought the missing equipment.... That was in the last episode that I saw and their action was so humanic- a wish to save that boy. For a moment I wished that was a real and in my contry one doctor to act like they did- like a doctor (no matter of money).
Favorite Grey's character (this will not be seen as character pushing): I don't have one. Really. They all have smething that makes me like them.
Least Favorite Grey's character (this will not be seen as character pushing):I don't have one.

Anything else you would like us to know about you? No thanks for reading and voting.
Please provide a picture of yourself or describe what you look like.Picture- I'm the one with the glasses

  • I vote Erica Hahn because of traits like loyalty, open-mindedness, strong mentally and a bit cruel (if you're taking her initial treatment of Cristina into account). All of your dislikes are also things I can see on her list, especially drivellers. She's more of a realist who believes in love and takes relationship seriously. Just not as much as her work XD.
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